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Corporate defence in its broadest sense represents an organisation's collective program for self-defence. It requires a proactive approach to co-ordinating and integrating a range of inter-related disciplines, which taken together can help protect the organisation from potential hazards. A hazard involves the occurrence of any event which can potentially have a negative impact on the achievement of the organisation's objectives.

Effective corporate defence management (CDM) requires a systematic program which helps to ensure a strategic outlook, so that all defence related activities are managed and coordinated in a strategic manner so that they are operating in unison towards the common objective of collectively defending the organisation.

Critical Components of Corporate Defence Program

"Successful corporate defence means managing all of your defence related activities in a co-ordinated and integrated manner"

The Corporate Defence Cycle

Defending an organisation represents a continuous process

Taken together defence-related activities can help anticipate, prevent, detect, and react to potential threats and vulnerabilities, shielding the organisation from potential hazards. All defence related activities share these unifying defence objectives.

The timely response to a particular event or series of events, in order to both mitigate the current situation, and to take further corrective action in relation to deficiencies identified, and to prevent these events re-occurring in the future.

The timely identification and assessment of existing threats and vulnerabilities, and the prediction of future threats and vulnerabilities.

Identification of activity types (exceptions, deviations & anomalies etc) which indicate a breach of corporate defence protocol.

Taking sufficient measures to shield the organisation against anticipated threats and vulnerabilities.

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The CDM Paradigm

The CDM Paradigm

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