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Achieving successful corporate defence requires a program which ensures a strategic outlook so that all defence related activities are operating in unison and this requires a level of collaboration, integration and alignment among a number of existing disciplines, all of which need to be managed and coordinated in a coherent and strategic manner.

We offer solutions which help to protect your organisation against the risks you are facing in a rapidly changing environment. Our collaborative approach helps ensure that our solutions are precisely tailored to the requirements of our clients, where we act as partners in arriving at the most effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

Using this collaborative approach we help our clients to:

  • Assess their current corporate defence level of maturity
  • Identify "red flags" or "hotspots" which require immediate attention
  • Identify "quick wins" which can be addressed in the short term
  • Identify tactical and operational improvements going forward
  • Devise a strategy to implement a coherent corporate defence program going forward

The Value Proposition

The implementation of a coherent strategic program for self-defence can help an organisation in achieving considerable payback. A coherent corporate defence program can help an organisation achieve the following benefits in relation to its corporate defence activities:

  • Hardening of the existing defence framework
  • Accelerate reaction times to reduce vulnerability
  • Safeguard assets against internal and external threats
  • Improve visibility, transparency and accountability
  • Foster a culture of collective responsibility
  • Deliver business value simplification, standardisation, and rationalisation
  • Reduce overhead and unnecessary redundancy
  • Cost reductions through operational performance efficiencies
  • Optimise synergies through partnerships and integration
  • Reduce bureaucracy while meeting mandatory compliance obligations
  • Protect profitability through the elimination of potential liability
  • Timely communication of critical decision making information
  • Reduced likelihood of fraud
  • Create strategic advantage through unlocking latent potential
  • Build long term stakeholder value
  • Develop of a more resilient enterprise
  • Contribute to a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Increased level of board and stakeholder comfort
  • Safeguard brand, image and reputation


Can your organisation afford to continue to accept negative returns, or indeed tolerate ineffective and inefficient practices, from your defence related activities?

Is your organisation ready to begin the process of realising a positive return from your already significant investment in your defence related activities?

What needs to be done? What can be done right now?

Contact us for advice!

The Corporate Defence Cycle

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